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First timers WILL receive a waived intake fee and an additional discount on first 90 days of treatment by mentioning code 17

Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

We are a trusted provider for Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment. Northern Kentucky (NKY) Med Clinic is here to help break your addiction to heroin, pills, and other substances. We have several locations across the State of Kentucky – all of which are conveniently located.  We are able to treat your opiate addiction through our outpatient drug addiction treatment program.  This is easily worked in with your busy lifestyle.

With our outpatient drug addiction treatment, we support you through:

Medication Assisted Treatment


Tele counseling





For more information about our approach, Please fill out our confidential “Contact Us” form, stop in or call us today!

Maybe you have tried treatment before.

Maybe it didn’t work. With our outpatient drug addiction treatment, our counselors will understand you and they can be reached either live, on the phone or through tele counseling.

Our goal is to:

  • Manage your opiate withdrawal

  • Help you break your cycle of dependency

  • Work with you through recovery

NKY Med Clinic is now open from 5:30-1pm Monday-Friday and 6:30am to 11am Saturday and Sunday. Please call 859-912-7705 ext 315 to schedule an appointment or to speak to an intake counselor. We also accept walk in appointments Monday thru Saturday from 5:30am-11am.Our hours are about being flexible to fit into your busy life. We are here to work with you to improve your situation

The outpatient drug addiction treatment programs at NKY Med Clinic give you the tools to rebuild physical health, mental health, and healthy (social) relationships.

One of our counselors will work hand-in-hand with you to understand your addiction and then develop a treatment plan—which you agree to—to get your life back on track.

With us, you are a person, not a number. We are here to help, not punish. Our outpatient drug addiction treatment programs are designed to treat the whole person, to protect you, and to help you live a life free from illicit drug use. There is a path to a brighter future. If you are ready to take that first step, contact us today.